Domain names and their importance in a digital world

Why brandable domain names are important

If you are in the process of starting your own business online, one of the things you first want to decide is the name your business will run under. To some extent, this is even more important on the Internet than it is in the bricks and mortar world, as the name of your business will often be your URL as well. This is why brandable domains are so important.

A brandable domain name will not only be something your viewers will have to remember to be able to get to your site, it will also stick in their minds as a way to describe your company and what you do.

What is a brandable domain name? — This is your URL, or the name your business will have online followed by a dot com or net or org – bbc.com or apple.com. It will usually be the same name as your business and will be your brand. The name you go under for everything that you do. It often describes your business and what you do, or what is important to you, and it explains what your priorities are.

Why is it so important? — When you start to create a web presence, you want to have a name people can remember, as well as a name that they think about when they think about a specific thing. So, for instance, if you are starting an entertainment news website, you would want to have a name that is connected to entertainment. If you are setting up a site for your law firm, you would want your law firm’s name to be in the URL.

“In a digital era where identities merge and competition flourishes, securing a brandable domain name is not just a choice, but a cornerstone of business strategy. It’s the first step towards crafting an indelible mark in the minds of your audience, ensuring that your brand not only navigates but thrives in the vast sea of online entities.” 

Where to buy a brandable domain name — There are several websites that deal exclusively in expired domains or brandable domains. Run an online search for the keywords ‘brandable domain name’ and check out the prices of the companies that sell them, as well as if they have the name you want listed in their inventory.

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